Frequently Asked Questions

It is important that you are aware of the information below before registering for a place at camp.


When you are ready, you can complete the Online Registration Form.


What are Free Church Youth Camps?

Free Church Youth Camps are uniquely-designed, week-long, residential holidays. We sleep on beds, in dorms (unless otherwise stated), and have the most delicious food several times a day. Our leaders are dedicated to bringing the Gospel to campers and offering them lots of fun, fellowship, and unforgettable adventures. 

There will be excursions, swimming, crazy on-site games, team challenges, and personal challenges − all with a strong Bible focus threaded throughout. Campers will attend daily praise and informal Bible talks. For many, the highlight of camp is ‘Dorm Discussion’ time, where the campers are encouraged to explore and question the Christian faith for themselves. It’s usual to attend a church service on the Sunday of camp.

Who staffs camps?

Free Church Youth Camps are staffed by volunteer team leaders, team members, and cooks. Selected for their gifts, skills, and experience, our teams serve the Lord tirelessly to offer the best Christian camps we can.

Our leadership personnel are all professing Christians. FCYC rigorously vets staff through their applications, references and recommendations.  We insist all adults involved with camps have up-to-date membership of the PVG Scheme (Protection of Vulnerable Groups – Children). Free Church Policy ensures they also complete our in-house Child Protection Training, as well as general camp leader training, which is provided annually.

We make every effort to maintain a high leader to camper ratio, particularly with the younger camps. Adventure activities are always undertaken by suitably experienced and qualified instructors.

Who can come to camp?

If you’re aged between 10 and 23, then you’re more than welcome to come to camp! If you complete P5 by the summer of 2017, then you’re ready to go to our Kids’ Camps. Similarly, if a camp is for S1 − S3, then you can apply for that camp, as long as you will have finished S1, S2 or S3 by summer 2017. To be eligible for B.A.S.E Camp, you must have left school at least a year ago and be aged between 18-23. Those completing S6 in 2017 should not register for B.A.S.E. Camp.

For those who haven’t been to camp before, rest assured that FCYC will look after you especially well. Parents are invited to check private social media pages for daily updates of what their children have been up to, just in case they don’t get a chance to call home. Often our venues have poor mobile phone coverage, but campers will be encouraged to phone home when they’re out and about during the day.

How do I book a place at camp?

Once you've decided which camp you'd like to apply for, you can complete the registration form.

Please note that submitting a registration form does not guarantee a place at camp. Allocation of places for Free Church Youth Camps 2017 will begin at 1 p.m. on Monday, 9th January. No camp places will be allocated before this, and there will be a blind draw from all the registration forms received by this date. Thereafter, allocation of places will be on a first come, first served basis. If your preferred camp is full, then your name will be put on a waiting list and we'll get in touch to discuss your options.

Once you have sent in your registration form, please be patient and wait for FCYC to get in touch. January is a very busy time, so it may take a few weeks, but we will get back to you as soon as we are able.

What about travel?

We aim to offer chaperoned travel to travel to and from camp, from Stornoway, Inverness, Aberdeen, Perth, Edinburgh and Glasgow. This will be dependent on numbers wishing to travel from/to a particular location. It is not possible to arrange travel from additional locations. Most camp travel will be on a private coach or a minibus. North Uist camps usually use public transport. Parents are also welcome to drop their children off at camp and pick them up again afterwards. 

No changes to travel, or additional travel requests, can be taken after Friday, 31st March.

Travel costs are in addition to camp fees and will be invoiced separately.

What's included in the camp fee?

All accommodation, meals, activities, and at-camp travel are covered by the camp fee.

Occasionally, there are optional, extra activities offered at an additional cost.  Plenty of advance notice will be given of this, and you will be invoiced accordingly.

What about spending money?

Although everything campers need for camp is included in the fees, at most camps there will be a book stall, tuck shop, days out at theme parks, and a shopping trip, etc., so you may wish to give your child some pocket money.

We encourage all campers to deposit their money in the camp bank (which is looked after by a team member), and they can make daily withdrawals.

How do I pay?

Once your camp place has been allocated, you will be sent an invoice. All the necessary details of how and when to pay will be on your invoice. Camp fees should be paid in full 8 weeks prior to the start of camp or risk losing the space.

Why are camps at this price?

As a work of the Free Church Missions Board, our youth camps are heavily subsidised by its contributions, as well as by generous donations from congregations and individuals.

FCYC does not make a profit and endeavours to maintain as low a price as possible without compromising on the quality of the holiday.

What about a family discount?

For families sending more than one child, we can offer a discount of £30 per subsequent child’s camp fees.

What if I can't afford camp?

We completely appreciate that some families might struggle to send their children to camp. If you are in this position, approach your local Free Church of Scotland minister or elder who will get in touch with us on your behalf to request some assistance. We cannot promise that we’ll always be able to help, but we will endeavour to facilitate as many young people getting to a Free Church Youth Camp as is within our means.

What about cancellations and refunds?

Any cancellations of camp places after 31st March will be subject to a 20% charge of the camp fee.  No refunds will be given for places cancelled within four weeks of the camp start date, except in emergency situations, or where a doctor’s letter is submitted.

Travel costs are only refundable before 30th April. After this date, refunds can only be made in exceptional circumstances as the travel costs will have been incurred by the Church.

What about insurance?

The Free Church of Scotland maintains Public Liability Cover to include the work of the youth camps.

All the venues we use have their own Public Liability Insurance. If you require personal insurance cover, then you should arrange this yourself.

Are there any camp rules?

We aim to keep camp rules to a minimum, but some rules are necessary for the smooth and safe running of a camp.

A list of the rules will be sent to every camper prior to camp. In the event of a serious, or continued, breach of camp rules, we reserve the right to ask parents to collect their child from camp straight away.

What about health issues?

Parents are required to complete an Online Medical Questionnaire for each child hoping to attend a camp.

All medical and behavioural issues affecting your child, and potentailly other children, should be declared by the parent/guardian. In order to equip our leaders to care for your children as best they can, the more information you can give us the better. FCYC personnel will maintain confidentiality regarding health issues.

Any medication required by campers will be kept by the camp Medical Officer. Campers can retain items such as their own inhalers.

What if there's an illness or someone is injured at camp?

First Aid will be carried out immediately by the team’s Medical Officer (usually a doctor or nurse), followed by professional medical assistance, as necessary. In the event of any serious illness or injury, the parent/guardian will be contacted immediately. In some circumstances it may be necessary for the parents/guardians to take the affected camper home.

What if I have more questions?

If you have any further questions, drop us a line or call us and we’ll do our best to help.
Phone:  0131 226 5286
Post:  FCYC, Free Church of Scotland Offices, The Mound, Edinburgh EH1 2LS