Renfrew Junior Football

“There’s too much football” – Jürgen Klopp.

Well… Jürgen might be a genius tactician, but he’s got this one very wrong! Qatar 2022 doesn’t start until November, so join us this summer to get your football fix! Football, food, football, talks, football, prizes… football! This year we’re going to prove that Jürgen is wrong, and do it with a festival of football.

Football camp is a great chance to show off your skill, bag some prizes, make friends for life and hear the Good News about Jesus. Jürgen may not have had the chance to attend Junior Football Camp but you do, so don’t miss out – you know there’s no such thing as too much football!

Team Leaders
Stewart Johnson
Iain “Cheeks” Morrison

Age:  P6 – S2 (Boys)
Cost:  £255
Places:  40

Stewart Johnson

Team Leader, Junior Football

Stewart is a sports-loving islander who absolutely loves camp! He was brought up on the beautiful (and windy) island of North Uist, and studied Sport and Physical Activity at Strathclyde University before working as a ministry apprentice at Rosskeen Free Church, and then as a Ministry Assistant at Dowanvale Free Church. He’s married to Sarah, and they live in Edinburgh with their wee girl, where Stewart works as a Primary Teacher and Sarah works for the Mission Board of the Free Church.

Stewart’s faith was heavily influenced through football camps, and he became a Christian at camp in 2006. He’s delighted to be spending a week in the summer with boys who have the same passion as himself for the wonderful game of football! More importantly, he’s excited to be part of a team that shares the amazing story of Jesus and how God’s love for His children is unconditional and unfailing.

Iain "Cheeks" Morrison

Team Leader, Junior Football

Cheeks is an islander in his heart, and an Edinburgh man in body. He works at Redeemer Church as a Minister in Training and lives with his wife, Liana, and their lovely baby girl.

Being a lover of lots of football and lots of food, camp is his favourite time of year! As a player he always wonders ‘what could have been?’, and as the manager lives it out through his campers each year!

Camp is his favourite time because alongside football and food there’s a real chance to chat about who Jesus is, what He has done, and what it means to follow Him. Whether it’s people hearing about Jesus for the first time, or returning campers learning more about how great God is, Cheeks loves to tell people about Jesus. From the ‘silly questions’ to in-depth discussions, Cheeks is keen for them all!


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