Renfrew Juniors

Are you in S1-3 and do you have a serious supply of pent-up energy following nearly two years of virtual house arrest? If so, you definitely want to keep 16th-23rd July free, as Carolyn has just the solution: a week’s solid memory-making at The Bible Centre, with not a single Zoom call in sight!

It’s beyond doubt that go-karting, visiting Scotland’s largest trampoline park, some lake-based fun, a Glasgow outing and plenty of top-grade food will all feature, but there will also be some new experiences just for 2022. And, more importantly than ever, together we will spend time learning and seeing just how amazing God is and hearing what he has to say to us in these unique days.

Team Leader:
Carolyn Ross

Age:  S1 – S3 (girls)
Cost:  £280
Places:  26

Carolyn Ross

TEAM LEADER, Renfrew Juniors

From 1997 to 2019, Carolyn has been a constant presence, serving in virtually any and every capacity at Free Church Youth Camps and this summer SHE’S BACK. Known as the Mary Poppins of the FCYC world, she’s got her brolly and her bag, and is prepared for every eventuality!

Living and worshipping in Inverness, she juggles her shifts as a nurse and midwife around her annual duties, whether cooking, cleaning, driving, speaking or leading, at Camps.

In His strength and with His inspiration and guidance, it is Carolyn’s prayerful wish that all the campers will have fun filled and fabulous week; learning more of the love of Jesus, accepting Him as their friend forever, and sharing the hope of Jesus in a world of many challenges.


The Bible Centre
Barnsford Road